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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

About Us

Vision: The vision for studio Ballet is to offer a comprehensive program that offers training in classical ballet for all ages, and to provide opportunities for established students to participate in traditional performances while exposing the community to quality ballet theatre. 

Philosophy: Our program is intended to train dancers in classical ballet and to instill and nurture a love of dance. Students will receive instruction in technique and pointe, as well as exposure to classical music, choreography, ballet history, and theatre arts. Opportunities will be given to attend live performances of the San Francisco  Ballet at the War Memorial Opera House, as well as to see other world-class companies perform to enhance the ballet experience! 

Practice: Ballet is a discipline and students are expected to arrive to class on time, properly dressed, and ready to work hard! Parents are welcome to observe classes, but we ask that you do so quietly and refrain from correcting or talking to your child during class time. This enables students to focus on their instructors and to work without distractiions.

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