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Dress Code

Dress Code: Girls are to wear a black leotard (no attached skirts or tutus), pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Underwear should not be worn with tights. Hair is to be pulled back neatly in a bun. Boys wear a t-shirt (designated color), black sweats or tights, white socks, and black ballet slippers. Girls may wear black dance shorts over leotards, or black legging in colder months. Black or pink ballet wrap sweaters only may be worn as outerwear in fall and winter, and are to be removed after the barre work. Leg warmers may be worn by levels III-V only and are to be removed after the barre.

The following attire will signify each student's level after placement. Headbands and bows are to be purchased from Mrs. Marchais for uniformity. 

1a Pre-Ballet
Ivory Bow
Beige T-Shirt
1b Pre-Ballet
Pink Bow
Red T-Shirt
Pink Headband
White T-Shirt
Light Blue Headband
Light Blue T-Shirt
Royal Blue Headband
Navy Blue T-Shirt
Burgundy Headband
Maroon T-Shirt
Black Headband
Black T-Shirt

Levels III-V are to wear a black or color-coordinated chiffon/georgette skirt for all pointe classes, as well as technique classes if desired. Levels III-V students may wear a colored leotard to match their level. Level V students may wear any color or printed skirts. 

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