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De​veloping a love for ballet...

Level 1a Pre-ballet                               
Ages 5-7.  Introduction to ballet with an emphasis on creative movement. One to two classes per week recommended. 
Level 1b Pre-ballet     
Ages 6-8.  Basic ballet steps with creative movement. One to two classes per week recommended.

Laying a strong foundation...

​Level I
Ages 8-12. Beginning ballet technique with little or no prior training. One to two classes per week recommended.

Building on the basics...

​Level II
Ages 8-12. Basic ballet technique with a minimum of one to two years prior training. Emphasis on pointe preparation. Two to three classes per week recommended. 

Growing in strength and agility... 

​Level III
Ages 10+. Intermediate level instruction with an introduction to pointe work. Minimum 2 to 3 years prior training. Students must take at least three classes per week, but may take additional classes if desired.

Increasing skill and technical ability...

​Level IV
Ages 12+.  Intermediate-Advanced instruction with an emphasis on pointe technique. Four or more classes per week are recommended.  

Becoming a polished dancer...

Level V
ges 13+. Advanced level instruction with an emphasis on performance, and audition preparation.  Students are required to take four or more classes per week. 

Ballet for fitness, fun, and flexibility...

​​Adult Ballet 
Age 18 and up. All skill levels, instruction is modified to meet individual needs and goals, within a classical ballet class which includes warm-up exercises, barre, and center work within a more relaxed atmosphere.

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